Sunday, February 21, 2010

Squid in the Sunshine

There are many things about living in Spain that I still get seriously excited about - strangely, the things that excite me most, begin with the letter 'S'. Sherry, Sunshine, Sand, Sea and Squid. The winter here has been awful - more rainfall in Andalucia than previously recorded. So when the sunshine appeared around 2pm today, the calling to get to the beach for lunch was loud and clear. Alongside the thundering yet beautiful Atlantic Ocean this divine plate of Calamar a la plancha con patatas pobres hearlded the start of Spring. Every sweet mouthful was totally divine. Cooked to perfection with crispy caramelised tentacles. Patatas Pobres were from local El Palmar tatties. All washed down with Barbadillo 2008. Yum yum.