Saturday, November 27, 2010

All that´s Yummy in Andalucía

Great episode from the series by José Andrés called Made in Spain. This one is Tuna & Tapas. Featuring so many of the things that are wonderful about being here in the province of Cádiz - Tuna, The Almadraba, Tarifa, El Campero in Barbate, Manzanilla, Sanlúcar, Tortillitas de Camarones and soooooo much more. Classes here next May 2011 will be featuring tuna from The Almadraba, lunch at El Campero and more!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ferran Adria praising Jamón, Sherry and that it HAS TO BE Andalucía

Oh My Gosh - I need Ferran as my PR man. He confirms in the 1st 30 seconds that the best food and wine match in the WHOLE of Spain is Jamón and Sherry but ONLY in Andalucía. Don´t even try this in Madrid. Forget the possibilities in Barcelona. Drop the idea in Valencia. The only fab and wonderful place for the yummiest food and wine experience in the WHOLE of Spain is in Andalucía - at Annie B´s Spanish Kitchen! OK - he hasn´t been here yet but I can tell he´s after an invite!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tins and Jars at Annie B´s Spanish Kitchen

Ever since I first visited Spain, in the 1980´s, I´ve always regarded jarred or tinned white asparagus with disdain. Confused as to why so many people loved it. Unappreciative as to why a single spear would often be given pride of place on top of Ensaladas. Totally thrown as to why HUGE and expensive jars of the stuff are always on display at Christmas time alongside goodies such as Jamón and Turron.

I have a friend from Navarra whose opinion on food, wine and cooking I respect. When a tin of White Asparagus Spears was produced one evening recently, I was informed that Espárragos Blancos from Navarra was the best in the world. I suspected that something interesting was about to unfold. The tin was lovingly opened, the spears drained, a garlicky Salsa Verde whisked up and a magical platter of Navarran Esapárragos Blancos Extra, bathed in the glistening green salsa appeared in minutes. It was incredibly delicious

This week I have been looking at tins and jars of white asparagus through new eyes and realise that there are many Navarran pretenders around. BEWARE of jars and tins of White Asparagus grown and prepared in China – it will say this in the small print on the back.

3 cloves of garlic, peeled

120mls of mild olive oil

1 tbsp Sherry Vinegar

Handful of Parsley

Whiz in blender until garlic is pureed. Place drained spears on a platter and pour over green sauce.

Take a deep breath and be prepared to be impressed.