Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chocolate & Almond Cake with PX Sherry

For years, possibly decades, many articles have been written about matching chocolate with wine. It's now really exciting to read articles about matching chocolate with Sherry. Not just any Sherry but Pedro Ximenez Sherry. Chocolate and PX is indeed a marriage made in heaven.

PX (Pedro Ximenez) is the sweetest of the Sherries and produces the most fabulous, sweetly intense and divinely delicious glistening dark nectar imaginable. It´s amazing to think that PX is actually a white grape.

In class last week, we made a delicious Chocolate & Almond Cake. It´s a one bowl wonder! Prepared using only the Magimix - but don´t let the simplicity of the preparation effort fool you. This cake is truly a gift of the Gods. The Sherry Gods.

We consumed it with gusto, garnished with PX soaked seedless Moscatel raisins (I´ve yet to find PX raisins). With a fork in one hand and a glass of perfectly chilled PX in the other we extolled this perfect food and wine match.

In the Master fridge of Annie B´s Spanish Kitchen you´ll always find a huge kilner jar of glistening raisins bathed in this epic wine of Jerez . It´s a necessity for an instant pudding. Pop a couple of scoops of preferably chocolate, even vanilla or nut ice cream, into a pretty glass and spoon these little dark devils on top. Anything chocolatey made here needs no excuse....... Deeply yumlicious.

Legend has it that the Pedro Ximenez grape was introduced to Spain from Germany in the 15th century by a fellow by the name of Peter Siemens.

Gracias Pedro.
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